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Oct 18 2016

Software Challenges at Cloud Forward 2016

Title: Current and Future Challenges of Software Engineering for Services and Applications

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and, in particular, software is more and more pervasive and it cannot be considered anymore as a minor element of a complex systems. In domains like cloud, big data, IoT (Internet of Things), CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) it is the core element. We need to consolidate the software engineering discipline, which, despite the impressive achievements in the area of software technology, is probably one of the youngest scientific and technological disciplines with about 60 years of history. This paper summarizes the challenges that the Software Engineering for Services and Applications (SE4SA) cluster is considering as relevant.

Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer FOKUS researcher and AppHub project coordinator, contributes to this overview of hot topics in the area of software engineering and highlights several challenges the European research projects will face in the medium term.

Read this collaborative paper on Software Challenges provided at Cloud Forward 2016.

Mar 08 2016

CloudScape 2016 Position Paper

Providing easy access to innovative open source solutions

Open source software is the generic name for both a legal construct to share intellectual property and an approach to cooperative software development. While this approach has demonstrated its ability to produce world-class software, the potential benefits and efficiencies of open source are not, however, always achieved, indeed, far from it. In particular, many collaborative research projects that put their results under an open source license fail to deliver software that is useful for the European economy due to insufficient software quality, the lack of a supporting community, and proper productisation of their results.

This paper describes how the AppHub Marketplace addresses today's challenges of EU-supported open source projects, regarding market readiness, reputation, and global visibility.

Read the position paper from Peter DEUSSEN, Fraunhofer FOKUS Researcher

Sep 15 2015

ESOCC 2015 AppHub Paper

Fourth European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing

Abstract. This short paper describes the AppHub project, an EU funded initiative that supports open source software providers to facilitate the adoption of their products by making them ready for the cloud.

Mar 09 2015

CloudScape VII AppHub PositionPaper

AppHub communication activities at CloudScape VII

During CloudScape VII in Brussels, March 9, 2015, the AppHub team offered a specific workshop with an overview of the project, a platform demonstration, some quickstart guidance and outlook. The open source charter was also introduced.

Moreover, a Position Paper was provided explaining how AppHub project can help the market to seamlessly identify, position and implement the software outcomes of European projects.

AppHub intention is to foster adoption of projects results by making them trustworthy, easy to find, and easy to download and run.

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