Members of the AppHub Consortium

There are 3 partners in the AppHub project. An academic research partner Fraunhofer Fokus, OW2 a strong dissemination partner and an independent software vendor, UShareSoft. Click on logos to learn more about each of them.


AppHub combines knowledge and expertise from:

- Fraunhofer Fokus (Germany)
Fraunhofer - the coordinator of AppHub - is the biggest organisation for applied research in Europe. Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems representing Fraunhofer in the consortium is a recognised expert in testing and quality management issues including the cloud computing domain. It has a long history of successful leadership and contribution in European research projects. Administrative and financial management tasks will be supported by the expert staff of the Fraunhofer administrative department (Fraunhofer IZB) specialized in European projects.

- OW2 (France)
OW2 is a non-profit organization coordinating the largest independent open source cloud development community. Apart from that, OW2 contributes to the consortium with its world-class technical infrastructure, extensive experience in information sharing, outreach communication, business ecosystem building and conference organizing.

- UShareSoft (France)
UShareSoft - providing UForge Platform to cloud providers and enterprises customers: UShareSoft helps cloud providers, enterprises and ISVs to deliver and manage applications for virtual datacentres and public, private or hybrid clouds. UShareSoft UForge is an application automation and marketplace platform that lets customers build and maintain cloud server templates; migrate physical or virtual servers to the cloud or between clouds; and make applications easier to distribute and consume via a marketplace.