AppHub, the Enterprise Open Source Market Place

A service platform that brings the market to your open source project.

AppHub helps the market to seamlessly identify, position and implement the software outcomes of your projects. The partners that run and promote AppHub combine unparalleled expertise in open source community management, EU research projects and a breakthrough technology in software asset management.

Compatible Cloud formats

  • Abiquo
  • Amazon AWS
  • CloudStack
  • Cloudwatt
  • Eucalyptus
  • Flexiant
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Nimbula
  • OpenStack
  • SUSE Cloud
  • VMware vCloud Director

Supported Physical format

  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • LXC
  • OVF
  • QCOW2
  • RAW
  • tar.gz
  • Vagrant Base Box
  • VirtualBox
  • VMware vCenter
  • VHD
  • VMware Server
  • Xen
  • Citrix XenServer

Supported Physical format

  • ISO

Registering your open source project on the AppHub Directory

Use the AppHub Directory Quickstart guide to learn how your project can join the AppHub Directory. Through this guide, discover the AppHub user interface and the five easy steps to register you open source project on the directory:    

  • Step 1: Log in AppHub Directory
  • Step 2: Register Your Project
  • Step 3: Add Open Source Asset
  • Step 4: Qualify Your Asset
  • Step 5: Add Resources To Your Asset

First, read the AppHub Directory Quickstart guide. Then, try out the five steps to register your open source project on the AppHub Directory.

Helping open source projects implement more efficient community and market outreach strategies

A key objective of AppHub is to foster adoption of open source projects by making them trustworthy, easy to find, and easy to download and run. AppHub provides open source project software as cloud-ready packages that can be executed by a broad range of cloud service providers. The open source software great shopping mall will also help accelerate open source adoption. 

Fostering the market success of EU-supported open source projects

AppHub provides a distribution channel to facilitate the connection between EU-supported open source projects and their potential markets. AppHub helps develop efficient community support to EU-supported open source projects and open source SMEs in general. but note that, while initially concentrated on EU-supported and open cloud projects, AppHub is open to all open source software. 

A unique Community Platform Supported by OW2

Open source projects are by nature collaborative, they are always supported by some shared infrastructure. OW2 is committed to make AppHub a state-of-the art European community platform for open source projects. This platform is to be the neutral ground where collaborative projects will find a full line of services covering software development and distribution, open source community management support and market promotion. .

Improving professionalism of EU-supported open source projects

The objective here is to help EU-supported project gain better market acceptance by being more professional and efficient in their open source strategies. Research and innovation EU-supported projects, while breaking new technology ground often end-up delivering software that is not up to the level of completeness what would be expected for market distribution. Actually, by shelving unfinished projects this approach contributes to damaging the reputation of open source. AppHub will help foster the sustainability of open source communities and projects.

Facilitating international cooperation

European open source projects address most of the current innovation areas in ICT, the objective is to help position them center-stage in the global market. We want to help projects use AppHub as a springboard develop their attractiveness and develop cooperation with global third-party projects from open projects from open source organizations as well as collaborative programs from all over the world and specially Brazil, Japan, China and North-America.