Governance: Leveraging open source best practices

Software showcased by AppHub is the result of well managed open source projects. They are encouraged to implement the best practices from leading open source projects. Best practices cover a range of issues concerning software development and project governance including public road-mapping, bug management, documentation, license management, contribution selection, etc. Right from the onset, AppHub expects irreproachable transparent and open project governance. 

Help Develop the AppHub Open Source Charter

AppHub projects leverage open source best practices that build trust and deliver quality. All AppHub projects are to publish their open source project management charter. The charter outlines the structure and the process that govern project management. It is about governance of course, about administrative and legal stuff but also about technicalities such as how the roadmap is defined and the files are managed.

We are calling on experienced open source contributors and community leaders to help us draft the AppHub open source project management charter template. Interested in what we might include in the template? Take the charter test here

If you are interested to help, please contact Olivier Bouzereau at OW2.

Governance Makes the Difference

Open source project governance defines the way the project is managed and how decisions are made; structure and process. Not to be mistaken with corporate open source governance that covers how an organization controls the use of open source software within its information system and products and services. 

Many research and innovation projects adopt an open source approach from the implicit understanding that making the code of unfinished components freely available keeps open the opportunity for third-party stakeholders and contributors will finally complete the software. This is a possibility on the paper. But is not how open source actually works. This is not how open source communities grow nor how open source software becomes successful. 

With the OW2 community we hold that one of the key differences between a successful open source project and a failed one is that the former implements a flawless open source project governance. 

“Without (governance), the chances of third parties wishing to contribute are considerably reduced” [1], it is key “in producing a healthy, vibrant and accessible community” [2].


Open Source Management Charter

Projects showcased on AppHub are expected to publish their open source project governance charters; they will commit to comply with the best practices highlighted in theirs charters. 

AppHub has developed the charter template with the help of a Community Advisory Board comprised of experienced practitioners from successful open source projects, communities and organizations. 

This charter is designed to support the implementation of community management best practices such as release management, contributor rights, intellectual property policies, etc. It is developed under the supervision of the Community Advisory Board via online workshops on community management topics submitted AppHub stakeholders.

Personally Identifiable Information

Check AppHub guidelines on PII for detailed information about:

  • Assessment of risks on unauthorized access and use of PII
  • Security Guidelines
  • Guidelines Related to Data Subjects Rights
  • Privacy by Default and Design

OW2 Best Practices in Open Source Software Release Process

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