AppHub Charter




Implement an open source governance


AppHub's projects commit to implement a transparent governance aimed at fostering the principles of open source cooperation. Being transparent, fair and open with stakeholders, sharing with stakeholders, maintaining a communication infrastructure, defining rules of engagement is key


Appropriate OSS License Selection and Management

AppHub's projects commit to implement and manage a suitable intellectual property policy and select appropriate licenses and copyrights. This include ensuring that all project artifacts are properly covered by a recognized open source license, that all licenses are compatible and contribution ownership is properly managed.


Develop and Maintain Project Documentation

All stakeholders, whether code-contributors, users, evaluators, project managers, or customers need documentation. Whatever its size and shape, software must be documented. AppHub's projects commit to create and maintain decent documentation.


Apply patterns and component-based architecture

AppHub's projects commit to applying well-known patterns and a component based architecture. Because using components permits reuse, improves maintainability and extensibility, facilitates third-party contributions and promotes clean division of work among teams of developers, and enables the integration of commercially available components.


Implement a thorough Testing Process

Recognizing that software testing is an integral part of the development processes, AppHub's projects commit to conduct software testing for each new release in a proactive and timely manner covering appropriate scope with suitable methodologies.


Promote Project Maintainability and Stability

AppHub's projects commit to specify, develop and maintain non-functional requirements that aim at improving the project's maintainability and stability. This include managing the interoperability between old and new versions and paying special attention to the most oftenused older versions.

Requirements_Yellow_32.pngRequirements and Roadmap:

Manage Project Requirements and Roadmap

While open source projects often evolve in response to most influential contributions,requirements are dynamic and expect them to change with time. AppHub's projects commit to properly manage requirements and to publish and maintain a project roadmap.


Establish a Configuration Management Process

AppHub's projects commit to establish and maintain the integrity of the projects and its different versions and configurations. This includes tracking changes and managing releases and the state of all artifacts that make up the project efficiently through the use a state-of-the-art configuration / version management system.


Use of Established and Widespread Standards

AppHub's projects commit to promote the use and implementation of open standards, specially those certified by FLOSS-supporting standard organizations such as IETF, IEEE, OGF, OASIS, W3C, etc.


Manage contributions transparently

Managing contributions is fundamental to open source software projects. AppHub's projects commit to managing this activity transparently by using a state-of-the-art environment that facilitates documentation contributions, bug reports and code commits.