AppHub Charter Test

Test Your AppHub Charter Alignment

The AppHub Charter is a document designed to support the implementation of community management best practices (see our page on Best Practices here) such as release management, contributor rights, intellectual property policies, etc. It is developed under the supervision of the AppHub Community Advisory Board. Anybody with experience in open source software development and/or community management is welcome to contribute to the charter.  Please take this quick test and see how you align with the charter, tell us what you think; write to the email below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Do you agree the Open Source Project Management Charter should include commitments to comply with best practices in the following areas? 
  Strongly Disagree
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(score 1)
Strongly Agree
(score 2)
Quality of the Testing Process
Promote Project Maintainability and Stability
Create and Maintain Project Roadmap
Develop and Maintain Project Documentation
Analyze Source Code Commits and Bug Reports
Establish a Configuration Management Process
Use of Established and Widespread Standards
Appropriate OSS License Selection and Management
Provide Development Tools to Contributors
Manage Project Requirements, Tasks, etc.
Your score:

How much did you score?

° Between 10 and 20: Write to us, we'd like to hear from you!

° Between -5 and 10:   You have ideas, please tell us what we are doing wrong.

° Between -5 and -20:   Hmmm tough score. Hope you are enjoying the site :)


Thank you very much for your time!

Should you have any question, please write to Olivier Bouzereau (olivier dot bouzereau at ow2 dot org).