The AppHub Value Chain

A complete value chain provided by the project partners

AppHub builds upon the service approach developed by the OCEAN project for open cloud computing projects and by combining and extending existing resources provided by the AppHub partners: 

  • The OW2 community platform for open source collaborative projects
  • The Open Cloud Directory and the Interoperability Framework from the OCEAN project, maintained by Fraunhofer FOKUS, 
  • The application delivery forge "UForge platform", or market place provided by UShareSoft. 

A community platform for open source collaborative projects

The AppHub approach leverages the OW2 business ecosystem platform, providing three key services: a technical infrastructure delivering collaborative services to project teams; a framework for making decisions and doing things together; and communication services for developing market awareness of the project.

Extending the Open Cloud Directory

AppHub will build upon the Open Cloud Directory and extend it to encompass a broader range of open source assets, opening it up to non-cloud-oriented projects.

Leveraging the Open Cloud Interoperability Framework

The Open Cloud Directory also features an extensive classification of the assets it presents through the Open Cloud Interoperability Framework (OCIF).Therefore the OCD provides the necessary background information to evaluate which assets can be used in unison with others, and how they complement each other.

Facilitating access to software components through the AppHub market place

AppHub will be based on the UForge platform. This platform allows software providers to consolidate their software stack into a single, integrated software template and to automatically build, replicate and run simple applications or complex IT solutions across hybrid cloud and virtual environments.