This page contains a list of available public deliverables. 

Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWP numberLead beneficiaryTypeDissemination levelDue Date (in months)
D1.2Data Management planWP11 - FraunhoferReportPublic6
D1.31st Project periodic reportWP11 - FraunhoferReportPublic12
D2.1AppHub requirements, architecture and development planWP21 - FraunhoferReportPublic3
D2.2Test and quality assurance planWP21 - FraunhoferReportPublic6
D2.4AppHub software platformWP22 - UShareSoftOtherPublic12
D2.5AppHub development, testing and quality assurance reportWP21 - FraunhoferReportPublic12
D2.6Cloud asset lifecycle specificationWP21 - FraunhoferReportPublic12
D3.1Initial AppHub platformWP32 - UShareSoftWebsites, patents filling,etc.Public12
D4.1Community advisory boardWP43 - OW2ReportPublic3
D4.2Open source management charter templateWP43 - OW2ReportPublic6
D4.3Quality management controlWP41 - FraunhoferReportPublic6
D4.4Data protection and compliance guidelinesWP41 - FraunhoferReportPublic12
D4.5Community governance report for year oneWP43 - OW2ReportPublic12
D5.1Partner programWP53 - OW2ReportPublic6
D5.2Ecosystem development at year oneWP53 - OW2ReportPublic12
D6.2Report on dissemination and communication actions for year oneWP63 - OW2ReportPublic12
D6.3Communication material compilation (Year 1)WP63 - OW2ReportPublic12
D6.4.1Draft Exploitation planWP63 - OW2ReportPublic15