Public Presentations

Public presentations of the AppHub team will be published here. Come back soon.

Apr 28 2017

OpenStack, April 28, 2016, Austin, Texas

Apphub demonstration in the TechTalks session by Stéphane Laurière, OW2 CTO, Thursday April 28.

Nov 16 2016

POSS 16 November 2016, Paris

At the Paris Open Source Summit, the AppHub project was presented by Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer Fokus and project coordinator in the European Collaborative Innovation session. This session offers a selection of state-of-the-art project presentations to illustrate how multinational partners leverage open source to help shape the future of the IT industry in European publicly-funded collaborative innovation programs.

Speakers:  Marco Autili, CHOReVOLUTION project - Marc Dutoo, OCCIware Project - Peter Deussen, AppHub project - Alessandra Bagnato, MODELS project - Andrey Sadovykh, INTO-CPS project - Iyad Alshabani, PrEstoCloud project - Isabelle de Sutter, Systematic - Cedric Thomas, OW2

Oct 19 2016

AppHub presentation at Cloud Forward 2016

During Cloud Forward in Madrid, the AppHub project organized an SME training workshop with around 20 professional participants. The following presentation provides recent figures about their cloud expectations, thanks to an online form that was provided before the event.

AppHub, the European Open Source Market Place, presentation from Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer Fokus.

Sep 28 2016

OW2con'16 AppHub presentation

What's new in AppHub, the European Open Source Marketplace

Stéphane Laurière, OW2 CTO, and Alexandre Lefebvre, USS Professional Services
This presentation was recorded during OW2con'16, 21 Sep. 2016 in Paris Mozilla Space. It provides an overview of the AppHub services offered to open source projects for exposing their outcome to the market, using a template factory for packaging their software, and also for assessing their market readiness, using the Oscar platform provided by OW2.

Apr 20 2016

Net Futures 2016 AppHub presentation

Software packaging is easy with the AppHub project services. Join the European open source market place, its charter, its quality approach and make your software ready to run on any infrastructure!

AppHub, the European Open Source Market Place, presentation from Alexandre Lefebvre, UShareSoft.

Mar 23 2016

Cloud Computing World Expo, 23 March 2016, Paris

The 2016 edition of Cloud Computing World Expo (Solutions Datacenter Management and IoT World) took place in Porte de Versailles, Paris, 23-24 March 2016. AppHub was showcased on the Open Cloud Village coordinated by OW2 and in the Open Cloud Forum by OW2, a free to attend conference fostering exchanges between open source cloud technologies end-users, experts and integrators.  

Open Cloud Forum Conference Program (Room Amsterdam, Hall 5.1)

On March 23, 2016, the Open Cloud Forum by OW2 offered an AppHub session with Alexandre Lefebvre, from UShareSoft Professional Services:

Nov 19 2015

POSS 2015 AppHub Presentation

Discover the mission of the AppHub project, the European open source market place, its charter, its quality approach and give it a try!

AppHub, the European Open Source Market Place, presentation from Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer FOKUS.


Nov 17 2015

OW2con15 AppHub Presentation

Derived from the AppHub Store developed in the framework of the AppHub European collaborative project, the OW2 Market Place will be open to all OW2 projects. What are the incentives for an OW2 project to join the Market Place?  How can OW2 projects become part of it? This presentation covers these topics.

Alexandre Lefebvre, UShareSoft, presentation at OW2con'15:


Oct 22 2015

ICT 2015 Lisbon AppHub presentation

The European Commission, together with the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia organizes the ICT 2015 - Innovate, Connect, Transform, on 20-22 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Cédric Thomas, AppHub Project ICT 2015 presentation:

Sep 21 2015

AppHub presentation at ESOCC 2015

Peter Deussen, AppHub Project ESOCC 2015 presentation:

Sep 15 2015

AppHub presentation at ESOCC

Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO, ESOCC 2015 presentation:

Apr 01 2015

The European Open Source Market Place, an introduction

Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO, Cloud Computing World Expo, April 1-2, Paris

Mar 25 2015

Open Source Software Governance Makes the Difference

Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO, Open Source Software presentation, March 25, 2015, Net Futures, Brussels.

Mar 24 2015

AppHub Directory Quickstart Guide

Use this AppHub Directory Quickstart guide to learn how your project can join the AppHub Directory. Through this guide, discover the AppHub user interface and five easy steps to register you open source project on the directory.

First, read the AppHub Directory Quickstart guide. Then, try out the five steps to register your open source project on the AppHub Directory.