ETSI CSC Report on Cloud Standards and Open Source

Sep 17 2015


Cloud Computing is increasingly used as the platform for IT infrastructure provisioning, application/systems development and end user support of a wide range of core services and applications for businesses and organizations.

Cloud Computing is drastically changing the way IT is delivered and used. However, many challenges remain to be tackled. Concerns such as security, vendor lock-in, interoperability and accessibility, service level agreements more oriented towards users are examples of issues that need to be addressed.

In February 2015, the Cloud Standards Coordination (CSC) phase 2 was launched by ETSI to address issues left open after the initial Cloud Standards Coordination work was completed at the end of 2013, with a particular focus on the point of view of the Cloud Computing users (e.g., SMEs, Administrations).

The ETSI report investigates the relationship and the interactions between standardization and Open Source based software and solutions in Cloud Computing. This question was not addressed in the initial CSC work.

 In the mean time, Cloud Computing has emerged as one of the domains of Information & Communication Technology where Open Source development plays a very important role and changes significantly, amongst other, the traditional approach to standardization.

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This report is open to comment by Sept. 25, 2015.